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School Uniform

Our children wear their school uniform with pride.  It demonstrates  'we all belong'.  Our uniform is required for all children.
It is hoped that parents will cooperate with School in its efforts to maintain our dress code.  Whilst branded school uniform is available it is not a statutory expectation, we just need children to have the right colours and style of uniform as per our policy.  The only HGJS specific item that is required is our school tie.

The main shop that stocks our uniform is:  Monkhouse Schoolwear
Address: 1 Mell Square,   Solihull,    B91 3AZ. Click here to access the website

However, families can purchase uniform from any other shops / stores as long as items meet our requirements.  They do not need to be HGJS branded.

Families should note that it is an expectation that all children wear proper school shoes.  Trainers and boots are not acceptable as part of our uniform.

We are working with our HSA to set up a second hand uniform shop where we can recycle items of uniform.

Our uniform is gender neutral.  

There is a summer version of uniform that is optional should families wish to follow it.

Children who do not wear proper school uniform will not be able to achieve their passport stickers for this category at the end of each half term.



Please click here to see the relevant section on uniform from our current prospectus.