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Welcome Back Year 5!

Taking responsibility.... What does this mean to you? 
As you get older your responsibility changes and with is comes trust. Some of you will  (and some of you may already) walk to school, local shops and maybe a local park. With this comes huge trust from your responsible adult as they are expecting you to be responsible for your own safety. 
We will learn about many different types of safety this half term and how you can help make sure that you are safe and what to do if something was to happen. 
One example of safety would be: road safety.
How many different types of "safetycan you think of?


Please remember to label your child's uniform, water bottle and PE kit. PE kits will be sent home each week to be washed and returned on Monday. Year 5 should arrive at school between 08.50 and 09.00.


The Year Group staff are:

        Year Co-ordinator -    Mr Cox

        Class 5.1               -    Mr Cox
        Class 5.2               -    Miss Green
        Class 5.3               -    Miss Fawcett
        Class 5.4               -    Mrs Tucker


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Year 5 Blog

Year 5 Blog

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