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All children are expected to complete their homework - completing it builds on many skills we develop in school and helps you to strengthen your organisation skills. Children should become increasingly independent in completing their homework and be responsible for ensuring they bring their Learning Journey, times table book and homework book into school everyday.

Completing the reading, spellings and times tables in your Learning Journey will contribute to achieving the homework sticker in your child's passport.

It is important that children speak to their teachers about homework they are struggling with or have had difficulty accessing before the due date, so that the children have time to go away and complete the task. 

Reading Homework Information:

All children at HGJS are expected to read each day - you must record your child's reading in their Learning Journey. Every week your child will be assigned a piece of reading comprehension homework. 

Arithmetic, Times tables and Bar Model Homework Information:

Each week arithmetic style questions will be sent home to be completed in the homework book.

Every Friday your child's maths teacher will work through a problem that can be solved using a bar model. A similar question will be uploaded on to the website to solve at home using our new bar model skills.

Each day the children should complete a 1 minute times table practise grid. Your child's teacher will assign a times table to focus on that week. The grid should be completed with a timer - if your child finishes the grid in under 1 minute, they should record the time taken in the signature box. The final grid each week is a division grid - this is your child's chance to demonstrate a solid understanding of the times table they have been practising. 

MyMaths Homework Information:

During a maths lesson your child's teacher may decide that a little more practise is needed on a particular skill or method - MyMaths activities will be set when this is the case . The homework task will be written in your Learning Journey with a date to complete it by.

Accessing MyMaths:
Please work online and remember to check out (on the left hand side of the page) after you have completed your tasks.

The details to log in to the site are:

username: hallgreen1

password: angles84

You then need to enter your own personal username and password  to log in to 'my portal' and access your task. 


Additional Resources:


You can access the school's Britannica page by clicking here.

The login is HGJS followed by your surname (without a space). For example - HGJSKhan