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Making Good Choices: Healthy Lifestyle
Food in School 

We have been working really hard to improve the food we are eating in school and as part of this we have a healthy packed lunch policy which you can find at the bottom of this page.  

We have healthy snacks in school at breaktimes from Monday to Thursday (fruit or vegetables only). As well as this children can buy toast and milk. On Fridays the children can bring in a small snack (a packet of crisps or small chocolate bar).

If you want to find out more about healthy eating, including some ways to make simple swaps with your food then click the link below:


Sugar Smart

Change for Life have launched a new app called Sugar Smart. It enables you to scan barcodes on food packaging at home and at the shops and shows you the number of sugar cubes in food or drink. You can get more information and download the app by clicking on the link below.


Change 4 Life have launched a new campaign for the new year which is all about the snacks that children eat.

Snack smart!

Half the sugar children are having comes from snacks and sugary drinks. Too much sugar can lead to harmful fat building up inside and serious health problems, including painful tooth decay.

Fruit and vegetables are always the best choice, but if you're shopping for packaged snacks for your children, use this helpful tip: look for 100 calorie snacks, two a day max.


Making your own snacks can make sure that you know exactly what chidlren are eating. The children were shown how to make these tasty Raspberry Oat Squares in assembly. You can find the recipe here:


Click here for the  Fruity Rock Cakes recipe.

Click here for the easy blueberry pancakes assembly recipe.


For more information on free ways to get active as a family, visit the Birmingham Be Active page below where there are details of free outdoor activitites, running clubs and lots more.



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