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Pupil Premium

 Pupil Premium is additional funding to the main school budget and is to be used to support disadvantaged pupils to ensure the national achievement gap between them and their peers closes.

Pupil Premium is allocated to any pupil currently on Free School Meals (FSM) or having been in receipt of FSM in the past 6 years.

It is for individual schools to decide how to best use the funding, since they are best placed to know what provision needs to be in place to support vulnerable pupils.  However, schools are accountable for how they spend the money linked to the attainment and progress of Free School Meal children.


Amount of Funding


2011 - 2012         £21,472

2012 - 2013         £53,455  

2013 - 2014         £83,864  

2014 - 2015         £114,400 

2015 - 2016         £145,000

2016 - 2017         £161,480

2017 - 2018         £156,940

2018 - 2019         £138,520

2019 - 2020         £125,620

2020 - 2021         £127,775

2021 - 2022         £168,943


 Reading, SPaG and maths show this group performing better than non disadvantaged nationally, so the gap has closed.  This is both at ARE and GD.  Writing shows gap closed at ARE. Greater depth shows attainment gap isn’t closed yet but  progress is in line with national non disadvantaged.


Reading, writing and maths combined scores show that the attainment gap is closed at ARE and we were 1 percentage point off closing the gap at greater depth.


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