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We are back to school on Tuesday 20 April

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6. 

Welcome back, we hope you have had a restful holiday. We have a busy half term ahead full of creativity and challenge. Puzzles and problem solving will be our focus, our learning muscles will need to be in top condition as we work our way through this half term. 

So won't you...
March with me through the borogoves,
Come with me and the slithy toves.
Come along catch a Heffalump,
Sit with me on a muddy clump.
Run along now don't be glum,
Come along let's have some fun.
Rest a moment near the TumTum Tree,
A decision to be made, for you and me....



Please remember to label your child's uniform, water bottle and PE kit. PE kits will be sent home each week to be washed and returned on Monday.

The Year Group staff are:

        Year Co-ordinator -    Mrs Goodman

        Class 6.1               -    Miss Wiltshire
        Class 6.2               -    Mrs Hancock / Mrs McGough
        Class 6.3               -    Ms Hindmarsh
        Class 6.4               -    Mrs Pattie / Mrs Buncher

Click on your teacher's name to read their letter to you.

Year 6 Blog

Year 6 Blog

  • The sun is out, we are with our friends, everyone is happy!
  • For our Easter craft Y6 were sent lollipop sticks and the challenge of making a chick!
  • After studying the style made famous by Andy Warhol we decided to give it a go for ourselves.
  • The Yellow-spotted Lizard from our story holes inspired some very creative writing.
  • Obstacle Course - we've had loads of fun completing our Red Nose Day challenges.
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