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Welcome back!

We hope you have had a well deserved break and some rest in preparation for a very busy half term!

Weather in our local area is something that we will be looking into this half term, as we will be researching the physical characteristics of the United Kingdom and comparing them with some different places abroad. You could start having a think at home about the climate, rivers, rainfall and natural resources in the UK.

Throughout our new module, we are going to be exploring stereotypes- we will need to understand what they are, how they are created, why they exist and the impact they have on our thoughts and decisions. We will also be using stereotypes as a theme in a computing project this half term. Can you think of any stereotypes, before we explore them together?

By the end of our module, we will need to answer our Golden Thread question: Are stereotypes reliable?

This module links closely with our Core Skills of: Life-long Learning, Being Effective Communicators and Being a Good Citizen.

Learning Journals should be in school everyday as new information about reading books, trips, letters, homework and upcoming events will be added throughout the week.

So we can get our learning off to a quick start please make sure PE kits are in school everyday (take a look at our prospectus and Learning Journals to double check what is needed). Each item should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.


The Year Group staff are:

Year Co-Ordinator - Miss Sutton
Class 6.1 - Mr Wilson
Class 6.2 - Mrs Tucker
Class 6.3 - Miss Wiltshire
Class 6.4 - Miss Sutton

Support staff:
Teaching assistant within Year 6: Miss Jones

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Year 6 Blog

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