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Welcome to Year 6

It’s the big one, Year 6! This year is your final year in Hall Green Junior School and we intend to make it a great one.

We’re looking forward to seeing you return to school after a much needed summer break and be the role models we know you are, to the younger year groups. We hope you are ready to jump back into school life and start our exciting new module.

At the end of Year 5, many of you said how interesting it was to learn about the past and learn about Tudor life. This half term we are going to be taking another blast to the past, but not so far back this time. In fact, the period of time we are going to be focusing on is a lot closer to home and instead of relying on text books and internet research, some on you may be able to ask family members about ancestral experiences and knowledge.

We are going to be learning about events that didn’t just affect our country, but the whole world, and explore how these major events changed not only Britain, but other countries too. It will be interesting to see how children and families lived in a different period of time and make comparisons to the way of living today.

We hope you are as eager to jump into this new module as we are, but keep calm... I hope some of these hints are helping you to guess what our module will be about!


This module links closely with our Core Skills of Life Long Learning and Being a Good Citizen.


Learning Journals should be in school everyday as new information about reading books, trips, letters, homework and upcoming events will be added throughout the week. Water bottles should also be brought to school daily to ensure the children stay hydrated.

So we can get our learning off to a quick start, please make sure your PE kit is in school everyday (take a look at our prospectus to double check what you need). Each item should be clearly labelled with your child’s name.

The Year Group staff are:

Year Co-Ordinator - Mrs Virdee

Class 6.1 - Miss Green
Class 6.2 - Mrs Tucker
Class 6.3 - Mrs Virdee
Class 6.4 - Mr Wilson

Teaching and Learning Lead - Mrs Sheard

Support staff:
Mrs Brookes will be teaching in each class on a weekly basis.
Teaching assistants within Year 6 are: Miss Millar and Mrs Kennedy.

Year 6 Blog

Year 6 Blog

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