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Year 3

Our module this half term has an art focus. We have spent our time in Year 3 explaining how rocks, artefacts and music tell a story. Now we are moving onto art. We will be developing our understanding of art through the different skills used by well known artists.


I wonder whether we have the next Van Gogh or Hopper in our school!


Please make sure all school uniform and PE kits are clearly labelled with your child’s name. PE kits should be in school every Monday. Learning Journeys need to be in school everyday and must be signed by an adult each week.


The Year Group staff are:

        Year Co-ordinator -    Mrs Sheard

        Class 3.1               -    Miss Starkey
        Class 3.2               -    Miss Sullivan
        Class 3.3               -    Miss Kelly
        Class 3.4               -    Ms Hindmarsh


Click on the videos below to watch the Music Performances. The children have told a story using music. Enjoy!

Some children's faces have been covered due to parental consent.

Year 3 Blog

Year 3 Blog

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