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Year 3

Welcome to Hall Green Junior School!

All of the Year 3 teachers are so excited to see you again and for you to begin the next stage of your school journey. We hope you have had a lovely summer holiday and are feeling ready to learn lots of new things this year!

You might be feeling nervous about starting Junior school but don’t worry, the Year 3 teachers are here to help you and answer any questions you might have.

We have come up with some jokes to share with you…

1. What kind of music does a boulder like? … Rock music

2. What do you call a fossil that just lies there? … Lazy bones

3. What is a stone’s favourite way to get around? … On a rocket

We hope you think our jokes rocked! Can you guess what we’re going to be learning about this half term?


When we met in July we set you a very special task - we can't wait to see what is inside your shoebox! 


On the first day of term (Wednesday 7th September), Year 3 children will start their school day at 9:15am. Year 3 teachers will meet the children at the main entrance after Years 4-6 have entered the building. 

From Thursday 8th September the children should arrive at school between 08:45 and 08:55. 




Mrs Goodman will be collecting any medicines that are needed in school - please ensure this is clearly labelled with your child's name. There will be a quick form to fill in to ensure this medication is administered correctly. 



Please make sure all school uniform and PE kits are clearly labelled with your child’s name. PE kits should be in school every Monday.
Learning Journeys need to be in school everyday and must be signed by an adult each week.


The Year Group staff are:

Year Co-ordinator - Miss O’Neill

Class 3.1 - Miss Raymant

Class 3.2 - Miss Sullivan Class

Class 3.3 - Mrs McGough and Mrs Kaur Class

Class 3.4 - Miss O’Neill



Year 3 Blog

Year 3 Blog

  • The children in 3.3 had so much fun completing a Les Mills P.E. lesson.
  • 3.2 have been working hard on their green book writing about the Iron Child.
  • The children in 3.1 explored the inside of a cave in our incredible immersive zone.
  • 3.4 spent our PE lesson practicing over shoulder throws by playing a series of fun handball games.
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