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Pupils Leadership Team

We have a Pupil Leadership Team in school to represent the views and ideas of our children.  We expect the PLT to work together to  help us move our school forward.

The PLT will be elected annually.  There is a job description to show children what we are looking for if they wish to nominate themselves. Click here to read the job description.

Each class has a representative on the PLT.   

Our PLT for 23-24 is:

Year 3:  Ibrahim (3.1),  Ava (3.2), Kumayl-Ali (3.3),  Fatimah (3.4)

Year 4:  Nada (4.1),  Aaira (4.2), Abbas (4.3),  Afraz (4.4)

Year 5:  Mohammad-Ameer (5.1),  Sami (5.2),  Romaisa (5.3),
             Zahara (5.4)

Year 6:  Ayden (6.1),  Haider (6.2), Hannah (6.3), Nina (6.4)