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  • Defend and Intercept
    Class 5.2 are developing their netball skills through intercepting the ball.
  • Comic Relief Chaos
    Year 5 have enjoyed taking part in Comic Relief 2021. We have been eating delicious red nosed themed cupcakes and we have taken part in challenges using red noses. WE look forward to finding out how much we have raised this year.
  • Great Inventions
    As part of this half term's module Year 5 have been looking into great inventions. In science, we have researched and developed simple machines that can help in everyday life.
  • Being Active
    Class 5.3 have been developing their throwing and catching skills ready for sessions in handball.
  • Being Co-operative
    Each class has been given a box of playground equipment to use within their zone at break times.
  • Learning is Fun.
    Class 5.1 are practising their skills within telling the time.
  • Welcome Back Year 5
    Year 5 children and staff are so happy to be back in school.
  • Playtime Fun with Friends
    The best part of returning to school so far is being able to have fun with our friends - we have missed each other so much over the last few months.
  • Making pizzas
  • Testing Air Resistance
    Year 5 have been conducting fair tests in Science this week.
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