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HGJS Teams

Every child who attends Hall Green Junior School is part of either Team H, Team G, Team J or Team S. In their Year Groups, they compete for and earn points for their Team in a range of activities.

Every child can earn points for each sticker they achieve on their end of term Passport so the more stickers you achieve the more points your Team will get. Remember to show you belong to Hall Green Junior School by wearing the correct uniform, having your PE kit in school everyday, completing your homework on time and demonstrating our School Expectations every day.

Another way to achieve points for your team is through behaviour at lunchtime. Showing the School Expectations as a class during lunchtime can achieve a point for your Team - that is 5 Team points each week and could be over 30 points for a half term!


Autumn Term points are:    

Team H: 145

Team G: 145

Team J:  141

Team S: 149

Well done Team S for being the overall winner at the end of the Autumn term. It is extremely close between all the Teams so keep working hard and earning as many points as you can for your Team. 

As well as celebrating the overall School Team achievements HGJS also awards a Team Trophy to the winning Team in each year group.

Winning Teams in each Year Group at the end of the Autumn Term are:

Year 3: Team G (Well done to Class 3.2)

Year 4: Team J (Well done to Class 4.3) 

Year 5: Team H (Well done to Class 5.1)

Year 6: Team S (Well done to Class 6.4)

Each class will receive their Team Trophy at the start of the Spring Term - the challenge is then to keep it for the next term as well.