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HGJS Football Cup

The HGJS Intra School Football Tournament is now underway for 2017-18.

We have decided to run the tournament durinbg lunchtime so more children can take part if they wish to.  children have taken part in the HGJS Football Tournament for this year!

Over 120 children across the four year groups have opted to take part in the tournament. Teams have been chosen and team names deciced so we are underway.

Lower School and Upper School first round matches have begun. Already we've had a couple of matches that have required a penalty shoot-out, nail biting finishes are never the best.

Results so far:

Lower School
Adidas Five 0. v Manchester United 2
3.2 Champions 1. v PSL 9
Liverpoolers 1. v Kings Mount 1. Liverpoolers went through on penalties
Liverpool Warriors 2. v. Team A. 0
Phoenix FC  0  v Hawkstone FC  5
Barcelona  2  v   Real Madrid  0
Number 7 FC  2  v  Kings Mount  4
Footie Squad. 1.  v Number 7 FC  6

The first round matches for lower school are now completed and we will be starting the second round shortly.

Second Round Matches:
Hawkstone FC.   0  v. Liverpool Warriors. 1
Barcelona. 1.  v Manchester United. 0
Kings Mount. 4.  v P.S.L.  0
Liverpoolers.  1.  v Number 7's. 1 -Liverpolers went through on penalties

Lower School Semi-Finals:
Liverpool Warrior. 4.  v Kings Mount. 0
Barcelona. 1 v Liverpoolers. 2

Upper School
Red Devils 1   v My Nan FC 1 with My Nan FC going through on penalties
Fantastic Five 2. v Socer Superstars 0
Chicken Nugget FC  0. v Serious Sausages. 1
Don't Know 1.  v. Savage Beasts 1. with Savage Beasts going through on penalties
World's Best   1  v Bankrupt FC  0
Fortnite  1  v  Hugo Boss  0
Shark Killer  0   v  Fire Storm City  1
DX Champs  1   v  Snoop Dog  2
Hayyan's Five  0. v  Red Devils  1
Go Bananas. 0. v. Bantalona ABC 3
The Avengers  2.  v. Team Pikachu. 0

Second Round Matches:
Snoop Doggy. 1.  v Savage Beast. 0
Bantalona ABC. 3.  v  Serious Sausages. 0
My Nan FC.  2.  v Red Devils. 1
Fantastic Five. 2.  v Fire Storm City. 3
The Avengers. 2.  v Donno. 3
World Best Five.  0. v Fortnite Gang. 0. -- Fortnite Gang went through on penalties

Third Round Matches:
Snoop Doggy. 0. v  Bantalona ABC. 2
Donno. 0.  v My Nan F.C.  1 (own goal)
Fire Storm City. 1. v. Fortnite Gang 1 - The winning team on penalties was Fire Storm City but Fortnite Gang went through as the highest scoring losers.

Bantalona ABC.  0 v My Nan F.C.  0 - The penalty shoot out was close but resulted in Banalona ABC going through to the finals.
Fortnite Gang. 1. v Fire Storm City 1 - Another penalty shoot our resulting in Fire Storm City gaining a place in the finals.

Even the World Cup doesn't have this many nail-biting finishes.

Finals Day has arrived.
Today the Intra School Football Finals took place. In lower school it was the battle of the Liverpool teams with Liverpool Warriors playing Liverpoolers. It was a brilliant game but Liverpool Warriors out played the other team and the final score was 4-1 to Liverpool Warriors. Well done to all who took part.

The Upper School final really was a nail-biting event between Bantalona ABC and Fire Storm City. An early lead was taken by Bantalona ABC but Fire Storm City were not going to let them win that easily. At the full time whistle it was 2-2 and nothing could  separate the two sides. Extra time and the golden goal was called for. Within 3 minutes of extra time Bantalona ABC scored the golden goal and were crowned winners in the Upper School Intra School Football Tournamnent.

Well done to Liverpool Warriors and Bantalona ABC.

All of the matches were excellent with superb sportsmanship being shown by all of the children. 





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