• Football Tournament 2017

HGJS Football Cup

The HGJS Intra School Football Tournament is now over for 2016-17.

Over 100 children have taken part in the HGJS Football Tournament for this year! There has been a Lower School Tournament and an Upper School Tournament.

After numerous rounds and many matches played it came to the inevitable final. The final was a stressful event with parents and children willing their team to win.

The Lower School final was played between Manchester Rivals and Side Man FCA. Side Man FCA took an early lead but Manchester Rivals quickly levelled the score. The teams were evenly matched with the full time score being 2-2. Extra time was on the cards as the tensions on the side lines rose. During extra time a winning goal was scored ensuring that Manchester Rivals were the Lower School Football Tournament Champions 2017. Bad luck Side Man FCA - you played brilliantly.

Upper School teams were next on the pitch. This saw a battle commence between two Year 6 teams - both wanting to be crowned the winners in their final HGJS Football Tournament. One Pound Fish took on Dodgey 5 in the final match of the tournament. Full time saw no goals being scored sp extra time was needed in the second match of the evening. Extra time ended with still no goals being scored by either team - these teams were very evenly matched. A winning team was needed so it was nail biting time as we went into penalities - never a nice way to end a fantastic tournament. The first 3 players from each team stepped up to take their turn in the penality shoot out - this match was not to be decided that easily. Each team had to take 7 penalities before One Pound Fish were crowned the winners of the Upper School Football Tournament. A fantastic match that some of us thought would never end!

Well done to Manchester Rivals and One Pound Fish who are our 2017 HGJS Footbal Tournament Winners.

Thank you to Mr Mason, Mr Cox and Mr Hopkins for helping to organise this tournament. Also thank you to all the teachers who have needed to step in at the last minute to referee or coach any children. 



All of the matches were excellent with superb sportsmanship being shown by all of the children.





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