This week you have MyMaths and Module homework. Your teacher will have told you an area of your 'greatest person' to research.  

In Year 6 we expect you to read daily - this can be a book borrowed from school or one you have at home. Any reading needs to be recorded in your home-school book. Along with this you have your own personal spellings to learn and demonstrate that you can spell them through your writing.

We also expect all children to be able to join their handwriting fluently, please practise this at home if you need to.

Homework Information:

Each Friday you will be set one piece of maths homework using the mymaths.co.uk site, your homework should be submitted online by the following Tuesday. There will be a homework club every Tuesday lunchtime for any children who have not completed their My Maths homework.

Every Friday you will also be set a piece of comprehension homework. This homework should be completed and handed in on the following Thursday. You will have your own comprehension book to work in and will need to make sure that you look after it very carefully. There will be a homework club on a Thursday lunchtime for any children who have not completed their comprehension homework or forgotten to bring in their comprehension book.

Try and look at your homework over the weekend. We have a homework club on a Monday lunchtime for any children who need support with either their maths or comprehension homework.  

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