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Year 6 Welcome

Welcome to Year 6.

We hope you have had a relaxing half term. Our second module this year is 'Making Movies'. This module will require the children to work in small groups to create a high quality trailer based on a twist on a well known fairy tale. The children will spend time looking at different film trailers that use lego, before carefully planning their own trailer. They will be using the MacBooks to create their trailer on iMovie- it is going to take lots of resilience and patience! 

What's happening to PLPs?

As part of the National Curriculum all children at KS2 have to take a more active role in shaping their learning journey.
We have been building towards this goal through the PLPs (Personalised Learning Plans) and children's involvement in progress meetings. We are now ready to hand over PLPs to children in Years 4, 5 and 6 to use as their tool for helping them to shape their learning.
What does this mean? 
PLPs will now belong to the child. Teachers will support the children to decide on their strengths, next steps and to choose a suitable target to last for a term. There will be 3 targets - one for a 'core' learning area, one for literacy and one for maths. 
The children will collect evidence towards their targets during the term and they will discuss their progress with their teacher during the term. Outcomes from this will form part of the progress meetings so that parents can find out how their child did and what new targets they have set. 
Progress meetings will continue to focus on Age Related Expectations (AREs) and how your child has progressed against these.

Changes to Maths groupings: Last year we trialed a new way of grouping the children in Maths in Years 3 and 6. This proved to result in very successful outcomes for the children. In light of this we are moving all the Year Groups to this style of grouping. Each year group will have two parallel groups of children working at age related expectations and two parallel groups of children working at a greater depth within the Year Group expectations. These groupings will be flexible to reflect the progress and needs of the children throughout the year.

Library visits will resume on Friday so click here to go to the Year 6 letter section of the website to find out which class will be going each week.

To see what exciting things Year 6 have been doing click here to visit the image gallery. 

The Year Group staff are:

Year Leader  -    Mrs Constable
Class 6.1      -    Miss Shipman
Class 6.2      -    Mr Cox
Class 6.3      -    Mr Hopkins
Class 6.4      -    Miss Palser

Mrs Ford is the Year 6 teaching assistant.

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to meet us then pop in at the end of the school day and we'll be happy to meet you.


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