• Welcome to Year 6

Year 6 Welcome

Welcome to Year 6.

Welcome back to your final school year. Our module is called 'Wolves'. We will spend time exploring where wolves live and then be faced with a problem that they will need to solve. The children will need to be very inquisitive to help them identify clues along the way. Alongside this the children will create a brick film trailer staring a wolf, including creating music to go with it.

How are groupings arranged in Year


Each academic year groupings within school are reviewed and changes to these groupings may take place. Restructuring of the groups is based upon the progress children have made in the previous academic year. Teachers use assessments, class work and teacher observations to determine the best group for each child in each subject area. Whilst all children in Year 5 will be following the National Curriculum, the groupings will ensure that teaching is tailored to the group's current needs.

Home -School books should be in school everyday so that new information can be added throughout the week.

Please make sure that your PE kits are in school everyday.

To see what exciting things Year 6 have been doing click here to visit the image gallery. 

The Year Group staff are:

Year Leader  -    Mrs Constable
Class 6.1      -    Mr Cox
Class 6.2      -    Miss Holmes
Class 6.3      -    Mr Hopkins
Class 6.4      -    Miss Sutton 

Miss Millar is the Year 6 teaching assistant.

If you have any questions, concerns or just want to meet us then pop in at the end of the school day and we'll be happy to meet you.


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