Homework set on 6th July :


First news - PDF available below.

Maths Homework Information:

Each Friday you will be set one piece of maths homework using the mymaths.co.uk site, your homework should be submitted online by Tuesday.

If you get stuck, or find something difficult, you must speak to an adult before Tuesday! 

Reading Homework Information:

All children in year 5 are expected to read each day - you must record your reading in your Home-School diary. Make sure you return your book on your allocated day. Every Friday you will be given a piece of reading comprehension homework.

First News: The First news files can be found below, remember to write in full sentences in your homework book. This activity needs to be completed ready for our group work on Thursday!

Rising Star: This year we are trialling a new online version of reading comprehension created by 'Rising Star'. Once every 2 weeks the homework task will be set online, you can access it by clicking here

Other Resources:

You can access the Britannica website by clicking here

Login details: hgjs followed by your surname, without spaces.


All children are expected to complete their homework - completing it builds on many skills we develop in school and helps you to strengthen your organisation skills! Children who do not complete their homework on time will have to complete it during break or lunch time and may lose the homework sticker in their passport.


Name Date File Size  
Group 1 - First News 06th Jul 2018325 KB Download
Group 2 - First News 06th Jul 2018445 KB Download