All children are expected to complete their homework - completing it builds on many skills we develop in school and helps you to strengthen your organisation skills. Children in Year 4 should become more responsible for ensuring they bring their Home-School Book and Homework Book into school everyday.

Maths Homework:

Every Friday you will be set one piece of arithmetic homework based on number and place value skills you need to practise. There will be 20 random questions that should take approximately 15 - 20 minutes to complete. These questions need to be completed in your Homework book and returned to school on Thursday.

If you get stuck, or find something difficult, you must speak to an adult before Tuesday.

During a maths lesson your teacher may decide that a little more practise is needed on a particular skill or method - MyMaths activities will be set, when this is the case and your maths teacher will explain what to do and when it should be completed by. Make sure you have your Home-School book available to make a note of these activities. 

Reading Homework:

All children in Year 4 are expected to read each day - you must record your reading in your Home-School diary. An adult should sign your Home-School Book when you have read and comment on your reading.

Every Friday you will be given a piece of reading comprehension homework. It will be set on Friday to be completed and returned to school by ThursdayIf you get stuck, or find something difficult, you must speak to an adult before Thursday.

Other Resources:

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