Your maths homework this week is to practise something you have been learning in maths this week. It could be Roman numerals, rounding to 10 or rounding to 100. You can use some of the lessons or games on my maths to help.  We would also like you to spend some time practising your times tables as there is no set my maths homework this week.

These websites may help you practise times tables or you could log on to my maths and use the times tables games to help you.



Your reading homework is to continue reading your reading book and you should be also practising any spellings you have in your home school book.

Remember you need to complete all of your homework to get your homework sticker on your passport this half term.

Homework Information:

Each Friday you will be set one piece of maths homework using the mymaths.co.uk site, your homework should be submitted online by the following Tuesday. There will be a homework club every Tuesday lunchtime for any children who have not completed their My Maths homework.

Every Friday you will also be set a piece of comprehension homework. This homework should be completed and handed in on the following Thursday. You will have your own comprehension book to work in and will need to make sure that you look after it very carefully. There will be a homework club on a Thursday lunchtime for any children who have not completed their comprehension homework or forgotten to bring in their comprehension book.

For My Maths:

Please work online and remember to check out (on the left hand side of the page) after you have completed your tasks.

The details to log in to the first part of the site are as follows:

username: hallgreen1

password: angles84

You then need to enter your own personal username and password  to log in to 'my portal' and access your task

Make sure you ask your teacher for help if you are unsure about the task.


Click here to visit the Britannica website.


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