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HGJS Teams

Every child who attends Hall Green Junior School is part of either Team H, Team G, Team J or Team S. In their Year Groups they compete for and earn points for their Team in a range of activities.

Every child can earn points for each sticker they achieve on their end of term Passport so the more stickers you achieve the more points your Team will get. 

Team Points can be earnt in a range of different ways as part of school life. Each child has the possibility of earning points at lunchtime by solving various puzzles. In addition to this children could earn bonus Team points for supporting the HSA Christmas Fair by bringing in donations for the various stalls. For every 3 items donated children could earn a Team point.

In addition we are awarding a Team point for children who demonstrate in school that 'We all belong' by participating in whole school assemblies  and showing they value all aspects of life at Hall Green Junior School. 

Spring Term 2017-18 points are:    

Team Points
Team H 376
Team G 329
Team J 379
Team S 399

 Come on Team G - you need to try hard to catch up with the other Teams.                

 Well done Team S retaining your lead and being the HGJS Team winners at the start of Summer Term 2017-18. 

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