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HGJS Teams

Every child who attends Hall Green Junior School is part of either Team H, Team G, Team J or Team S. In their Year Groups they compete for and earn points for their Team in a range of activities.

Every child can earn points for each sticker they achieve on their end of term Passport so the more stickers you achieve the more points your Team will get. 

Team Events are another opportunity to earn points for the Team. For many sessions over the term members of the Teams participate in physical activities or stratgeic games. The strategic games can be ICT based or more traditional board games. Initially the children work within their class groups developing the skills and knowledge of the events. Eventually these progress to Team based tournaments within each year group. 

In addition we are going to be awarding a Team point for children who demonstrate in school that 'We all belong'. If a child thinks they have shown this during the week they will write what they have done on a piece of paper and hand it into Miss Charles on Friday. Points will be awarded the following week. 

Autumn Term 2016-17 points are:                      

Team Previous Total

Team Events &

Passport Points



Team Totals
H 37 21   58
G 40 27   67
J 44 24   68
S 38 29   67

  Well done Team J on being the HGJS Team winners at the satrt of Spring Term 2016-17. 

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