• school council 17-18

School Council

Our School Council is elected annually.  
Each class has a representative on the Council.  

During last year, School Council members were involved in road safety awareness and developing ideas around lunchtimes.  They also helped to launch and run our main charity event for the year linked to Birmingham Children's Hospital. 

Our School Council for 2017-18 is:

Class School Councillor
3.1 Inaaya
3.2 Layla
3.3 Zaif
3.4 Hassan
4.1 Hamza
4.2 Arjun
4.3 Arjun
4.4 Adheena
5.1 Eliza
5.2 Aimen
5.3 Louisa
5.4 Rayyan
6.1 Mayesa
6.2 Jibrail
6.3 Bahar
6.4 Romeesa