• PLT 2018

Pupil Leadership Team

This year we are launching a new Pupil Leadership Team.  It will do all the jobs the previous School Council did and much more.  We really want a team of children to help us move our school forward together.

The PLT will be elected annually.  There is a job desciption to show children what we are looking for if they wish to nominate themselves.
Each class has a representative on the PLT.   

Our PLT for 2018-19 is:

Class Pupil Leadership Team member
3.1 Adam
3.2 Ibrahim
3.3 Nailah
3.4 Aleeza
4.1 Jackson
4.2 Zahra
4.3 Rimsha
4.4 Zidane
5.1 Zak
5.2 Sohaib
5.3 Ameera
5.4 Suhaanie
6.1 Ronnie
6.2 Aleena
6.3 Musa
6.4 Hanna