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As a Local Authority Maintained School, the Governing Body has adopted the Birmingham Curriculum  Statement.  The statement can be found at the bottom of this page.

Subjects Taught

In accordance with the requirements of the National Curriculum, subjects taught are:

English and Maths

Art and Design
Design and Technology 

Health Education, Citizenship and R.E. are also taught throughout the School.

French is taught in all year groups.

Children are mostly taught in mixed ability classes. Number based maths lessons in all years are taught in target groups. 


Curriculum Organisation

Hall Green Junior School has developed a personalised learning approach aimed at developing the whole child around our Four Core Skills. Each child has a PLP - a Personalised Learning Plan - which is shared with parents and informs the teacher's planning and the child's learning.

The work is organised into Modules, each lasting for 6 weeks (approximately half a term). When possible the work is taught in linked topics but where necessary work is taught in separate subjects. The Modules are designed so that the National Curriculum is covered in a way which meets the needs and abilities of the children. They are also designed to be interesting and exciting.

Children are assessed by staff on an on-going basis with some formal testing each year. This information allows us to gain a useful general picture of each child's ability and attainment and helps us build the PLPs to match work accordingly.

School works to provide a broad and balanced curriculum, aiming to educate the whole child. All children belong to a team in School and will take part in activities to earn pints for their team. The challenges are around developing strategic thinking, being healthy and developing wider learning skills.

For more specific information about the curriculum your child is following, visit your child's Year Group section located on the home page.  From here, click in 'modules' and you will find relevant information about what is being covered and some ideas about how you can help at home.