• children working in quad


School has a very simple but very important Vision.

                           School is here to equip every child with the skills to be a successful learner and responsible citizen.

By successful learner, we mean academic success in conjunction with lifelong learning skills and attributes.

To meet our Vision, we have 4 Core Skills that we want every child to develop as they move through the Junior School.
We want to enable every child to take responsibility for:
                             communicating effectively
                             being a lifelong learner
                             their own well being
                             being a good citizen

To work towards our Vision, we believe there are 4 Core Drivers which make a child a successful learner. 
These are:
                             each child
                             the support and involvement of family
                             our School ethos
                             the imapct of the staff team

Every child has a Personalised Learning Plan which the teacher, the child and the parent work towards to help make the child succeed.