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Information for Parents

School will issue a range of information to help parents.  

Sometimes it will explain the direction School is travelling.  Other times we respond to parents when they say they are unsure about something we do in School or a National initiative and how it impacts on their child.

This page contains links to the range of information we have issued to parents so far. 

Name Date File Size  
Assessment update for parents May 2016 12th May 2016576 KB Download
Attendance Policy Information Sheet Janu... 29th Jan 201691 KB Download
brainbooklet 22nd Aug 2013503 KB Download
Developing writing at home 23rd Aug 201378 KB Download
E Safety 1 Online Safety 19th Nov 2013253 KB Download
E Safety 2 Parental Control Tips 19th Nov 2013208 KB Download
E Safety 3 E-Safety Advice 19th Nov 2013164 KB Download
E Safety 4 E Safety Advice 19th Nov 2013156 KB Download
E Safety 5 E Safety Advice 19th Nov 2013257 KB Download
Explaining maths groupings 23rd Aug 2013508 KB Download
Free school meals information 28th Sep 2018179 KB Download
GDPR Privacy notice amendment Sept 2018 03rd Oct 201892 KB Download
Groups in maths 20th Aug 2013508 KB Download
Healthy Snacks Information Sheet Septemb... 16th Sep 2014190 KB Download
Helping with maths 23rd Aug 2013431 KB Download
Helping your child to keep themselves sa... 05th Feb 2016271 KB Download
June 2017 lunch menu 17th Jun 2017701 KB Download
Learning Muscles Booklet 22nd Aug 2013502 KB Download
Mindset Booklet 22nd Aug 2013354 KB Download
Parents' Guide to pupil assessment sheet 07th Nov 201875 KB Download
Request for medicines to be administered... 28th Apr 2017120 KB Download
Understanding National Curriculum levels 18th Jun 2015111 KB Download
Understanding your child's report inform... 27th Jun 201490 KB Download