• HSA Summer fair 18

Home School Association

Tthe HSA Summer Fair took place on Friday 29 June and, for once, we had the most glorious weather for the event.  The only theme possible for this year was The World Cup, so lots of football strips were in evidence.  We had a fantastic tournout  - the event seemed to get busier as the evening wore on.  Everyone seemed to be having a good time and the atmosphere was lovely.
The HSA are still sorting the takings for the fair but think they have raised over £2000 in profits for the schools.

Both schools have just received a cheque for £4000 each and we will be spending ours on a refurbishment of the discovery garden - the paths have worn away and some of the planted areas need refreshing. The donation is always greatly received and in these times of school budget cuts, the money will help to keep some things going for the children.

Well done to the HSA for organising and running such a wonderful event.  We are so glad it was a success as this was the final event for our current Chair of the HSA.  Shireen has been Chair for a number of years and has done a fantastic job-  her level of organisation is amazing!  We will miss her very much but she has left the HSA in a very good place and we are looking forward continuing what she has started over the next few years.  A big thank you to Shireen for all her hard work and dedication.





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