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Home School Association

It was the HSA Summer Fair on Friday 30 June.   We had the usual annual dilemma of was it going to be an outdoor fair or were we going to have to move it indoors!  If you remember last year, we opted for outdoor and then  we had the most torrential downpour half way through the event.  This year, the weather was looking just as dodgy but we went for it and opted for outside.  Perfect decision this year - it did rain - but it was about 10 minutes after the fair finished.
The theme for this year was Harry Potter to link in with the 20 year anniversary of the first published book.  There were wizards and little Harry Potter's wandering around the site, wands were being sold for all budding wizards and there was even a game of Quidditch to be had in the hall.  It worked really well as a theme thanks to the creative minds in the HSA who thought up some super ideas.
All the usual stalls were on offer with one new exception -  the stocks where 3 very brave Junior School teachers were on hand to be put in the stocks and have wet sponges thrown at them (we could have done with it being a sunny evening just to help keep them warm!).

What a great event it was and a big thank you to the HSA who put so much time and energy into organising it.  Many parents may not have noticed but both schools were handed a £4000 cheque each to spend on the children thanks to all the fundraising that has gone on this year.  Wow!  I hope all members of the HSA have put their feet up this weekend and had a chance to rest - it is fully deserved.  If you came along and enjoyed the event (as many of you did), you have supported the HSA by doing just that.  If any parents have that little bit more to give, the HSA is always looking for new recruits  who will just turn up and help out on the day.  Please let them know if you can - if you are not sure how to reach them, let the school office know and we will pass on the message.





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