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What OFSTED say about the School...


Personal Development

December 2002 Pupils' personal development is very well promoted and the pupils sustain harmonious relationships one with another and have very good attitudes to work.
February 2007 Pupils' personal development and well-being are good.The children enjoy coming to school. Pupils' spiritual, moral, social and cultural development is good.
June 2008......... HMI reported that the way School approaches R.E. makes our pupils' personal development outstanding
December 2011..... Pupils cooperate well, persevere when faced with difficulties, talk confidently, organise and express their ideas, have a positive attitude, work hard, enjoy physical exercise and develop enquiry, problem solving and risk taking.

Leadership and Management

December 2002
The headteacher and deputy headteacher [Mr Thomas and Miss Charles] provide excellent leadership and management and they are well supported by key staff and governors. They form a very effective team that is committed to excellence in all aspects of its work
February 2007 The headteacher and other members of the leadership group [Mr Thomas and Miss Charles included] are commited to raising standards.... a key factor in enabling this successful school to continue to improve
December 2011....... Leaders have high expectations and an unrelenting focus on pupil achievement. The Headteachers continuously drive to unearth innovative methods and are conspicously successful in ensuring new appointments adapt and share School's good practice.

Pupil Progress

December 2002 Pupils make very good progress and attain very high standards in English, Mathematics and Science.
February 2007 Y6 pupils leave with standards well above average in English and Science. In Mathematics, standards are exceptionally high.
December 2011 Attainment has risen from the last OFSTED. Achievement is outstanding. All groups make equally good progress and many pupils make exceptional progress in maths.

What did OFSTED think could be improved.....?

December 2002 There are no major areas requiring improvement
February 2007 Ensure the planned developments are made quickly.
December 2011

Further develop children's leadership skills.
Continue to work with parents.

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