• PGL 18

Year 6 residential trip 2018

On Friday 23 March, 83 children and 10 staff are off on their HGJS adventure. It will be a weekend of outdoor activities, teamwork, laughter and  amazing fun. 

Arrived safe and sound at around 3.30pm - all the children were extremely well behaved on the coaches. On arrival we settled into our rooms and met the two PGL group leaders. First task was to decide who was having the upper and lower bunks! A quick game of choas tag on the field before going to the dining hall for dinner. Vegetarian lasagne, fish fillet, chicken curry were the main options with plenty of extras. All the children ate well - it must be the fresh air that makes them hungry.
Evening activity tonight was Passport to the World - a geography orienteering game. 

Everyone is having great fun and very excited - not sure what time everyone will be asleep by!
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We awoke after 'some' sleep to noisy geese and pouring rain but that didn't dampen our spirits. After a hearty breakfast we started the first of the two morning activities - abseiling, sensory trail, archery, giant swing - were all on the agenda. Everyone had a great time. 
Lunch was a variety of pasta choices and plenty of salad before we were off on the afternoon adventure. Some of the groups had their first taste of water activities with canoeing on the lake. Lots of paddle splashing took place but all the children had a great time. The vertical challenge was also a great success with many children climbing high enough to see the 'whole world' according to Year 6 children!!

After our evening meal it was evening activity - Robot Wars - where the children worked well as a team to create their own human robot. Team 2 - Miss Palser's Team were the overall winners tonight.  

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After a busy day all the children had  more sleep than on the previous night despite losing an hour when the clocks went forward. The rain had stopped and we were all readu for more activities. Today saw all the groups participating in water activities - some groups even had canoeing and raft building on the agenda today. Apart from a little splashing the majority of children remained dry whilst canoeing but the same can't be said when raft building! All the groups thoroughly enjoyed using barrels, ropes and posts to create a raft that initially floated on the lake howver the difficulties came when the children tried to sit on their rafts - some rafts remained intact with passengers for 10 minutes other rafts fell apart within seconds! No matter what the outcome it was great fun.

Once dark it was time for a camp fire - there were stories, jokes and 'repeat after me' songs. Many of us - children and adults - returned with limited voices after excessive shouting and chanting; it might be a quiet day tomorrow.

Tired children went quickly to sleep ready for the last morning of PGL fun.

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Breakfast was very early (7.30am) with many children reluctant to get out of bed. After breakfast it was back to our rooms to pack and strip the beds for the laundry. Packing for the return to school sounds easy as you do not need to worry about folding clothes and placing them neatly in your bag however for many it required a lot of team work, kneeling on cases and sheer determination. Once the rooms were cleared of our belongings we were off for a morning of activity. Most groups had a go at fencing this morning - this required agility and skills. Following this the giant swing was the main morning activity - a test of how high you would go. Choosing your partner wisely was important - you both needed to agree how high you wanted your swing to go before you pulled the rope to release the swing. Despite initially being hesitant all the children wanted a second go.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and after a lunch of pizza it was time to say goodbye and return to school. A shower and early night is now needed.


All the children were a real credit to school, parents and themselves throughout the weekend - even when they were extremely tired they were still well behaved and supportive of each other, giving fellow group members encouragement and support in all the activities. This always makes it a more pleasant experience for children and staff. A huge thank you goes to all the HGJS staff who gave up their weekend to accompany the 82 children - without them the trip would not be able to take place.