• Year 6 PGL 2017

Year 6 residential trip 2017

The children are on their way - all very excited and eager to get their adventure underway!

All have arrived safely, rooms sorted, tea eaten and the first evening activity has taken place.


After unpacking and sorting the rooms we went on a trail around the site before having our first experience of the dining hall. All of us managed to find enough to tea - even the fussy eaters said they were full. Jam doughnuts were a favourite for dessert.

Straight after it was outside for a night time orienteering activity - lots of running around looking for flags to many different countries. Teachers hoped this would wear them out before bedtime.
Eventually it was time to chill out in our rooms and eventually all the rooms fell silent.

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We awoke to blue sky with a few distant grey clouds and after a very early breakfast (7.20) we were all ready for our day of adventure. Different groups went off to their various areas and began the first full day of activity. Mr Cox's and Mr Trueman's groups began with the raft building challenge, despite their best efforts to stay dry their rafts were not sufficient and they inevitably got wet but still had a smile on their faces. Other groups went off to the abseiling tower, zip wire or the vertical challenge - overcoming a fear of heights seemed to be a common issue but all of us tried our best and pushed ourselves to go a little further than we first wanted to. One of the favourite activities of the day was the canoeing - great communication was neede with your partner if you were to navigate your canoe around the lake.

The evening entertainment ended with the splash challenge involving a water balloon and team challenges. A great day was had by all and some very tired children went off to bed for hopefully a good night's sleep ready for another day of our PGL adventure.

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The blue sky continued as did the early breakfast call. A new activity for today was the giant swing - this was a real test of how far you were willing to let your group members take you before you said no more. Even Mrs Tolley went for a swing. Some groups had a go at being the next Robin Hood turning their hand to archery. Many arrows hit the target but few managed a bull's eye - it was great fun and no children, or staff, were injured in the process. The raft building challenge continued with most groups building raft that successfully floated for a few minutes but did not take the extra weight of 11 children! Mr Hopkins caused some choas when his group ended up totally drenched but the smiles told us they had all enjoyed their cold bath in the lake.

The day concluded with songs and games around the campfire. Another great day with fantastic children who all need a good night of sleep before the activities begin for the final time.

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The day started with all the children packing their bags and suitcases followed by striping their beds. After the room check to ensure nothing was left behind we started the morning's activities. Abseiling, archery, climbing and fencing were on the agenda. It was a great end to a fantastic weekend. Well all good things must come to an end so after lunch we packed the coaches and were ready for departure.

It had been an amazing weekend where many of the children have achieved things they initially didn't think was possible. For some children this was overcoming a fear of heights or water and for others this was being away from home for the very first time. Whatever their achievements we are all extremely proud of them. Whilst at PGL we were given many compliments about their behaviour, manners, attitude and enthusiasm - they are a real credit to Year 6 and their parents.

A final thank you must go to all the staff and Mrs Davies, Chair of Governors, who volunteered to give up their weekend to accompany the children on the residential weekend. Without them this great weekend would not be possible. Thank you.

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