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School Uniform


Our children wear our uniform with pride.

It is hoped that parents will cooperate with the School in its efforts to maintain a high standard of dress.

Our School Uniform is:

Boys: Grey trousers, white shirt, dark green v-neck pullover and School tie. (Short trousers are an option in warm weather.)

Girls: Dark grey or green skirt or tunic dress or else grey trousers. White shirt, dark green cardigan or jumper and School tie.

If a headscarf is worn, it should plain white, black or green. Headscarves must be removed during P.E. for safety reasons unless they are specific tight fitting, sports headscarves.

(Ties can be bought from the School office)

Shoes    (for girls and boys) : Proper shoes, appropriate for School, should be worn.  They should be black.
(not trainers / boots / high heeled / flip flop style sandals etc)

In hot weather, when pullovers and cardigans are inappropriate, boys may wear white short sleeve shirts and short trousers and girls green gingham dresses or a white blouse.

The wearing of polo shirts, sweatshirts and/or trainers are not acceptable.

Sensible hats should, of course, be worn in hot weather.

P.E. and Games

For outdoor games children are required to wear trainers. For P.E. in the hall, pumps may be worn or children may do P.E. in bare feet. They should also have a change of clothing as follows:

Green sports shorts, plain white tee-shirt 

Plain green / black track suits or leggings may be worn for religious reasons.

In winter, children are allowed to wear a plain grey sweat top for outside PE. These tops should not have hoods.

Facilities are made available for older girls and boys to change separately if this is requested. 

Purchasing our Uniform.

Items of our School Uniform can be purchased from Early Years uniform shop - this includes shirts, jumpers,trousers, socks,pumps, T-shirts, pump bags, school tie.

Early Years also sell items with the HGJS logo: jumpers, T-shirts, ties, and a rainjacket (new for 2014).

Certain items of our School Uniform can be purchased from Tesco's online uniform shop.

This includes:
white PE T-shirt with the HGJS motif
green pullover with the HGJS motif

Go to   
and select our school from the list.


Jewellery / make up / nail varnish are not appropriate school wear for children of this age. The only permissible jewellery is a watch, studs if a child has pierced ears and the Kara. All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons. If they cannot be removed, parents should provide micropore tape for covering earrings and a sweatband for covering the Kara.

School Bags

School only allows small bags to be brought in - only big enough to hold homework, a water bottle and a packed lunch if necessary.

Bags should be no bigger than 350mm (height) and 280mm (width).

Children will be asked to replace bags that are too large and unnecessary. They cause problems in our corridors where there is a lot of pupil traffic throughout the day.