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The Government judges schools on their SATs results - for us, that is KS2 SATs that all Year 6 children take part in.  Results are published to parents in League Tables.

HGJS always achieves above national average results and is usually one of the best performing schools in this area.

Changes to the tests:
Since 2014, there have been many changes to education nationally.  We have tried to keep you up to date with these changes through workshops and via the website.
The new primary curriculum was drawn up to be deliberately tougher than the older one; therefore, the KS2 tests themselves are tougher than they have ever been.  The bar has been raised on what counts as the 'expected standard.

KS2 test results - comparing to previous years:
There have been huge changes to the tests whhich are based on a new, more rigorous national curriculum and results from 2016 onwards cannot be compared with previous years.
In terms of results, the Department for Education is calling 2016 'Year Zero' as levels have gone and a new framework for assessment has been introduced.

Current  measures:
Reading, maths and GPS (grammar, punctuation and spelling) are judged using a national test - what the child scores in the tests on the day - it is a snapshot of their ability on that day.
Writing is judged by the class teacher based on criteria set by the Department for Education.  In 2016 and 2017, a child must have met every criteria on the list to be judged as achieving the standard. This was relaxed slightly in 2018.
In the current tests, children are judged on their scores.  The 'expected' score is set at 100 but scores can range between 80 and 120.  Effectively, anything 100 or over  is judged to be at 'expected standard'.  Any score over 110 is 'working at a higher level'. A score below 100 means a child is working towards the expected standard.

Parents are informed as to whether or not their cvhild has met the expected standard and the scaled score they achieved.

National results and HGJS results for 2016:  (% of children achieving expected standard)

Subject National result 2016 HGJS result 2016 National result 2017 HGJS result 2017
Reading Expected 66% 84% 71% 78%
Reading Greater Depth 19% 30% 25% 31%
Writing Expected 74% 79% 76% 87%
Writing Greater Depth 15% 2% 18% 17%
GPS Expected 72% 83% 77% 90%
GPS Greater Depth 22% 34% 31% 55%
Maths Expected 70% 84% 75% 85%
Maths Greater Depth 17% 36% 23% 42%
Expected in Reading, Writing and Maths 53% 73% 61% 74%
G Depth in Reading, Writing and Maths 5% 2% 9% 11%

These results show we are still working well above the national average and we are pleased wiht how well the children have achieved under the new 'regime'.

As you go from day to day, it is easy to forget what a good school Hall Green Junior School is. It’s not just academic success - what other schools offer the ICT opportunities, the music experiences, the variety of P.E. and fitness activities we do?

We work hard to give the children varied and interesting projects from farm visits, to core skills afternoons (with their iPad Apps and crazy cricket competitions) , to Y6 studying Erika (the effects of the Second World War and the real horrors of the Holocaust).

We also benefit greatly from starting with such fabulous children. Thank you for that! 

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